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It is a passion of mine. Having spent almost 25 years in kitchens and catering events. At times i would want to do nothing more, others like when you plating 1000 composed salads it can be a drag. Generally for me i feel a rush of adrenalin just walking in and seeing the polished stainless steel, the burst of heat from lighting the equipment, the ingredients finding the best greens, fruits, etc. building relationships with both the community and farmers and others i do business with. Teaching and learning from thoose around me.

Cooking for me encompasses my being. And the greatest thing is everyday is different- with its own set of challenges. It is very much a way of life.

My background went as such: dishwasher/busser, prep, short-order cook, culinary student, baker, pastry chef, pantry, garden manger, line cook, rounds chef, sous chef, chef, butcher, head butcher. In a way, i have come full circle. I may yet get into farming….