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ATIS REVIEW yesterday I was invited to for a tour, chat and to try some of th…

🌟 ATIS REVIEW 🌟 yesterday I was invited to @atisfoodldn for a tour, chat and to try some of their bowls (to eat at home obv cause of lol) ✌🏼their whole plant-powered, sustainable food ethos is something I am a huge advocate of ✔️ the bowls are either custom made or you can pick off their menu and are soo fresh, being made in front of you 🌱 it was great to find out more about their tight knit, eco friendly community and I will 100000% be back 😈

🌟 THE FOOD 🌟 I tried 2 bowls: ‘miso hungry’ and ‘autumn satay’ 🍂 the ‘miso hungry’ bowl consisted of sticky aubergine, wild rice, beetroot, shredded kale, edamame and grilled broccoli 🥦 honestly it was to die for 🤤 the aubergine was so tender and juicy and the veg so fresh 🌱 the addition of the rice made it really filling and ideal for a healthy plant based dinner 🥘 the ‘autumn satay’ is one of their new bowls with roasted roots & the most incredible spicy cashew dressing 🥜 just think of a satay sauce but BETTER 😍 I would go so far as saying the best salad dressing I have tasted 🥗

🌟 THE PRICES 🌟 I was really impressed with the prices of the bowls being around £7-9 🥗 given the size and amount of veg you get packed in them, you really are getting bang for your buck 💰 they are literally a few pounds more than a standard pret sandwich or meal deal but you are getting a much more nutritious and filling meal out of it 🥘

🌟 THE VIBE 🌟 the ethos of the place was what made me so excited to go to Atis 🥇 they aim to get people to eat more plant powered food, with everything also being ethically & sustainably sourced 🥚 I got such a good vibe from those working there: it is a really friendly community and it was great to meet the team 👊🏻

OVERALL 🌻 I was extremely impressed with @atisfoodldn and it ticked every box✔️ my only complaint is that I wish there was one right down my road 😫 they are currently open for Deliveroo and click & collect so I really recommend anyone living in London to check them out as it is so important to support small businesses like these in this time ❤️ thank you for having me @atisfoodldn and I look forward to going back 🥰

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