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BBQ ‘BACON’ RAMEN WITH OYSTER MUSHROOMS & GYOZA such a different way to make up…

BBQ ‘BACON’ RAMEN WITH OYSTER MUSHROOMS & GYOZA 🍜 such a different way to make up ramen to how I usually do and I used oat milk which made it SO creamy 🥛 tried out the @itsuofficial new vegan truffle gyoza and it was SO GOOD, 1000% better than their veg gyoza 😍 and ofc using for the bacon bits 🥓

🍜 BBQ RAMEN WITH ‘BACON’ 🍜 serves 4
• noodles for 4 • 500g pak choi • pack of bacon rashers • pack of @itsuofficial chick’n gyoza • 300g oyster mushrooms • 2tbsp bbq sauce • 500ml oat milk • 700ml water mixed with 1.5 cubes of veg stock •

For the ramen base: • 50g bbq sauce • 2tbsp chilli garlic sauce (optional) • 1 heaped tbsp peanut butter • 2tbsp soy • 5 cloves of garlic • handful of spring onions, chopped • 2tbsp mirin • 2tbsp miso paste • 2tbsp sesame seeds • 1tsp maple syrup •

– coat your mushrooms in 2tbsp of bbq sauce then stick in the oven for half an hour till golden, adding in your bacon for the final 15mins
– fry the spring onion and garlic in some oil, then add in all the stock base ingredients and fry for about 3 mins
– add in the oat milk and water with the veg stock and simmer for 20 mins, adding the pak choi in for the final 5 mins
– cook your noodles according to pack
– cook the dumplings
– take the mushrooms out and assemble in a bowl with the noodles, spoon over the pak choi along with the ramen base
– add the gyoza on top and drizzle over some more bbq sauce or sriracha
– cut up the bacon bits and sprinkle over the noodles and gyoza, along with some sesame seeds and serve 🥢

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