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Breaded tofu ‘parmesan’ served with cherry tomato and red pepper pasta so easy,…

Breaded tofu ‘parmesan’ served with cherry tomato and red pepper pasta 🍝 so easy, VEGAN (!) and high in protein too !! (A veggies dream) 😎 swipe for the ultimate close up 🤤

🍝 tofu ‘parmesan’ with cherry tomatoes and pepper pasta 🍝 serves 1

– 300g cherry tomatoes (100g of them sliced in half)
– 80g pasta
– handful of peas
– 1 red pepper
– 1/2 veg stock cube
– 1tsp sugar

– simply fry 200g of whole cherry tomatoes and chopped pepper in some olive oil with plenty of salt, pepper and oregano and simmer in 150ml water with the veg stock cube till soft
– once soft, blitz in a blender and set aside
– cook your pasta according to pack
– Now simmer the sauce till it reduces slightly (take out about 2tbsp worth and set drizzle over the tofu) then bang in the pasta, the sliced tomatoes and the peas, stir, season and mix in 1tsp nooch or parmesan and some basil leaves!

FOR THE TOFU “PARMESAN”: cut a block of firm tofu (@tofooco) in half (you only need half) then dip this in cornflour, then some milk and then place in a bowl and completely coat with breadcrumbs (seasoned with salt and pepper), drizzle over some olive oil and place in the oven for 20mins at 180 degrees then serve on the bed of pasta 😍

**top tip: add in any veg you think may work into the pasta dish for added flavour !! **

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