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FESTIVE EATS DAY 2: chestnut and ‘bacon’ risotto allll vegan and WOOWOWOOW I’m …

FESTIVE EATS DAY 2: chestnut and ‘bacon’ risotto 🌰🎅🏼🤪🌱 allll vegan and WOOWOWOOW I’m ngl this was the BEST risotto I have ever made, so comforting, nutty and the bacon crumble really topped it off 😍

• 1/2 onion, diced • 2 garlic cloves • 1 stick of celery, chopped • 90g risotto rice • 1/2 cube of veg stock • 100ml almond milk • 1tbsp nooch or parmesan • 1tsp miso paste • 100g chestnut purée (@merchantgourmet) • 100g precooked chestnuts (again @merchant) • 1/4tsp rosemary • 4 bacon rashers • 100g spinach •

– simply fry the onion, garlic and celery in a sauté pan with some oil and a lunch of salt till soft, then add in the rosemary
– now add in the risotto rice and stir n coat in the pan contents, then add in the veg stock cube and 250ml boiling water
– cook for about 10mins, till all the liquid has been absorbed, chop up the chestnuts and add half to the pan then add in about 100ml more and cook till rice is soft (this should be about 25-30mins from when the first batch went in (add in more water if needs to cook even more and it’s all been absorbed)
– now add in the almond milk, miso, nooch and chestnut purée to make a reaaal creamy sauce
– cook the bacon according to pack and chop it up, stir half through the risotto, along with the spinach
– serve the risotto and top with the other half of the chestnuts, bacon and some chopped parsley if you have to hand 🤪🤪

** for student friendly version leave out the bacon and precooked chestnuts**

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