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FITNESS ON A PLANT-BASED DIET just a few lil tips on ways to boost your protei…

FITNESS ON A PLANT-BASED DIET 🌱 just a few lil tips on ways to boost your protein & increase energy levels 💪🏼 plus some vegan protein powder/bar recs ➡️

1. ENERGY LEVELS: once you understand how to manage energy levels on a plantbased diet, you’ll find you have SO much more energy. The key is to be aware that you WILL be eating more food on a plant based diet as what you eat is naturally less calorie dense so it’s KEY to ensure you’re having sufficient meals & almost definitely will need snacks! Once you eat more you’ll start to see those weights go up/ increase reps/ PBs hit 💪🏼 food is FUEL!

2. SWAPS: you can make some easy swaps to boost the protein content of your meals. Swap regular pasta for chickpea, lentil or pea pasta to double the protein (I get mine from @sainsburys) 🍝 for another boost swap rice for more protein-dense grains 🥗 (but that does NOT mean cutting either of these out of your diet!)

3. SNACKS & more shnackkks: perfect way of getting in more protein! Do this through natural sources or a simple way is through vegan protein bars (swipe for recs) switching to a vegan diet as a reason for more snacks? uuuh yes please.

4. COFFEE: soy lattes are packed with protein so here’s an excuse to get another coffee ☕️

5. NUT BUTTER & NOOCH on EVERYTHING: protein packed (&healthy fats) making them ideal when ⬆️ cals & to build/ maintain muscle 🥜

6. CARBS are your FRIEND: ⚠️ do NOT avoid them ⚠️ they’re a wonderful macronutrient that gives us ENERGY to do amazing things! They fuel your exercise & are essential for muscle growth & recovery when paired with fats and protein!

Your body will adjust to this 🌞 once you get the hang you should really see a difference in your energy level which you can channel into your training 💪🏼🌱