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FOOD IS FUEL for too long I saw food as ‘calories’ and the gym as the place y…

FOOD 👏🏼 IS 👏🏼 FUEL 👏🏼 for too long I saw food as ‘calories’ and the gym as the place you would go to lose weight.

Left: I’ve always had a petite figure, but there comes a line between a petite figure and underweight. My mental health was at its worst. I had just come home from my most stressful term at uni, had deprived myself of a social life & sold my soul to my work. I had pushed people away & was dreading time with my family: this action was almost a form of self torture. I saw exercise as existing for purely aesthetic reasons. I didn’t pick up a weight out of fear it would make me look ‘bulky’. So, I ran, a lot. I never took a rest day (no surprise ended up with injuries). I was not fuelling my body or eating nearly enough. I only saw food as calories, and never for its nutritional worth. I thought my approach was ‘healthy’, and never understood why I was always so tired. Digestive issues made my weight drop further. I hated how I looked, I had no waist, my hip bones stuck out, my shoulders were pointy. I became so self critical and I only saw my flaws.

Right: A healthy relationship with both food and exercise. Eating DOUBLE if not TRIPLE the intake of the girl on the left 😈 On a plant based diet which has opened my eyes and sees food as FUEL & for its nutritional worth and boooy does this girl now eat (@abs_eatsss you know😅) Weight training because that’s what I LOVE to do and how it makes me feel. Takes rest days and enjoys them ⭐️ on a programme with the amazing @trainwithabs on a lean bulk because I want to for my own strength and fitness 🙌🏼 now stronger than ever 💪🏼 I see exercise as something I love for myself, my mental health, & for my own personal strength. More self confident than ever before. I’m back to loving socialising, but also love my down time. I’m truly the happiest I have ever been, I love my family, my friends 🌼 I’m so in tune with my body. I prioritise my mental health over anything else, because that’s really all that matters 💫

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