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FULL DAY OF EATS Managed to take pics of everything I ate yesterday so though…


Managed to take pics of everything I ate yesterday so thought why not FDOE POST 🥳 As always, what I eat varies everyday but here’s an idea of what I eat in a day as a veggie student and hope it gives some fun meal and snack inspo 🌯🌯 also shocker this was literally the one day in the past 3 months I didn’t have a pret coffee ?!? ☕️ Even I surprise myself sometimes 😱
✨pre workout: 2 weetabix with chopped banana and @alpro soya milk (carb loaaading bbby) 🍌

✨post workout brekkie: protein pancakes with bacon and PB (recipe in prev posts) 🥞

✨ snack: homemade soya cappuccino & advent calendar choc 🍫

✨ lunch: ‘Niçoise’ chickpea salad with mixed grains 🥗

✨ dessert: @questnutrition bar birthday cake flavour (best flavour imo) 🍰

✨snack: two pieces of banana bread (recipe from @abs_eatsss) – one topped with yoghurt and the other @moorishumous choc spread & berries 🍒

✨dinner: Christmas baked mac n cheeeese 🎄 (recipe in last post)

✨dessert: my famous yog bowl (lit ALWAYS have one a day) just Alpro Greek yoghurt mixed with @myproteinuk flavour drops, frozen berries & granola (&PB here cause I was feeling extra)

✨snack: @fuel10k white choc & strawberry cookie and a @pukkaherbs tea from my advent calendar 🍪☕️

Not pictured: multiple handfuls of @deliciouslyella granola consumed throughout the day lol & my vitamins (@beroccauki & Wellwoman multivit)
As @abs_eatsss knows, I neeeever skimp on food as my metabolism is a lil demanding bisshhh 😜 ESPECIALLY if going to the gym / weight training it is sooo important to fuel with carbs BEFORE you workout (I.e. not training fasted) which is why I have two breakfasts (lol) as I find it really powers me through & makes such a difference to performance 💪🏼 but anyways I hope y’all have a smassshing weekend and I had fun doing this so lmk if this is something you’d like to see more of 🤪💕🥰

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