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HIGH-PROTEIN VEGAN PANCAKE CEREAL packing in 32g of plant-based protein first th…

HIGH-PROTEIN VEGAN PANCAKE CEREAL 🥞🥣🍓packing in 32g of plant-based protein first thing in the morn to start to day off right 😋 jumping on the tik tok trend a lockdown late & but made it both HIGH-PROTEIN & VEGAN and boyyy was it a good one (but only do if you have time!) 😜 swipe for the addition of vanilla almond milk 🥛➡️

• 55g flour (I used oat flour by blitzing up some oats) • 30g vegan whey (I used @myvegan soy isolate) • 5g chia seeds • tiny squeeze of lemon juice • 1/2tsp baking powder • 200ml almond milk • 2tsp sweetener (or use maple syrup)

– blend alll the ingredients together in a blender till smooth then pop it into a bag and cut a bit off the corner so it becomes a piping bag (to get them perfect, or just use a spoon if less fussed)
– cook and flip till golden, this will take timeee lol but it’s worth it
– serve with a little drizzle of milk, @alpro yoghurt and berries 🥣🥞🥛🍓

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