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HIGH-PROTEIN VEGANUARY MEALS DAY 4: TERIYAKI TOFU 🥢 okay if you’re trying for the first time let me INTRODUCE YOU TO MY FAVOURITE VEGAN SUBSTITUTE: TOFUUU 🤪 when I first went plant-based I was so scared of tofu as I literally had NOO idea how to cook it but the key lays in PRESSING liquid out of the tofu beforehand (google this, it is so simple – you can literally just place a plate on top! Or if ya wanna get serious invest in a tofu presssss) and then coating it in cornflour and frying so it gets real crisp 😍 once you get the hang, tofu is actually one of the BEST natural sources of protein & basically a chicken replacement so it’s real good to learn how to chef it up real gooood 😜 this meal altogether packed in approx 32g of protein (and if you wanna boost it even more do half rice half quinoa and cook them together!) 🍚

🥢 teriyaki tofu recipe 🥢 serves 2
* 1 block of FIRM tofu (I use @tofooco) • 1tbsp cornflour • 1 red bell pepper, finely sliced • 1tbsp sesame oil • 3 garlic cloves • 30ml soy • 30ml maple syrup • juice of half a lime • 150ml water • 1tbsp mirin • cornstarch slurry (10g cornflour mixed with 2tbsp water) • handful of cashews •

– press the tofu for as long as possible then chop into cubes and coat in the cornflour and plenty of salt and pepper
– Fry the tofu in a pan with the sesame oil till gold and crispy, along with the red pepper then set aside
– Now pour the maple syrup, mirin, soy sauce & garlic into the empty pan and simmer for 1 min then add in the water and simmer for a few more mins
– Add in the cornstarch slurry and stir till it thickens (add more water if you want a slightly looser sauce)
– Now add in the tofu and pepper and coat in the sauce
– Serve on a bed of sticky rice with spring onions and sesame seeds 😋

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