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PEANUT BUTTER PROTEIN OATS ok all I can say is peanut butter & oats is…

PEANUT BUTTER PROTEIN OATS 🥜🍓ok all I can say is 😎 peanut butter & oats is the most superior combo and I won’t hear otherwise 🍯 happy Monday my duuuudessss ✌🏼

• 40g oats • 200ml almond milk • 1/4 grated courgette • 1tsp chia seeds • 1 scoop salted caramel whey (or other) • 1tbsp peanut butter • handful of berries •

– heat your oats with the milk and courgette in a pan till nearly cooked, then add in the chia seeds and peanut butter, some strawbs and stir for 1 min more
– meanwhile, mix your protein powder with approx 40ml almond milk and set aside
– take oats off the stove and immediately add the protein powder and stir, leave to sit for about 2 mins to thicken
– top with more berries, peanut butter, yoghurt and jam or syrup 🥜🍯😜

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