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ULTIMATE VEGANUARY GUIDE so hard to compress all of this into one document but …

ULTIMATE VEGANUARY GUIDE ✨ so hard to compress all of this into one document but here’s just a very BRIEF guide on how to approach the next month in a high protein, healthy & sustainable way 🌱 my main aim is to show how a plant-based/vegan diet can be packed full of protein & nutrients ✨ Obviously I am not a nutritionist at all (and what I eat/ my intake will be different from the next person as everyone’s metabolisms work differently!) so please don’t follow this like a bible and do your own research but here is just a bit of advice that I have learnt and picked up along the way from following a largely high-protein plant-based diet!

Switching to a plant-based diet (I am currently vegetarian and tend to avoid dairy, but am taking part in Veganuary) has really opened my eyes to cooking and has made me become far more inventive with my food and meals! My relationship with food has become so positive as I’ve come to see food as fuel for the body which helps us do incredible things each day ⚡️also I find I now have SO much more energy than I ever have had before as I’m nourishing myself with all the right things ⭐️ I think this really shows just how many common misconceptions there are around a plant-based/vegan diet & I hope this guide helps in proving that many of them are myths 🤛🏼

In terms of vegan protein powder, I would say it is worth investing in some if that is your main concern & it is in many of my breakfast recipes (but also if you don’t have any you can just leave it out and it will be just as delish!) 🥤

Message me any questions you have & hope this helps give some advice, snack inspo & wonderful accounts to follow ❤️🌱 annnd I’ll be doing FDOEs & themed recipes all throughout the month of January, kicking off with a week of high-protein vegan dinners ✨

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