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VEGAN ‘FESTIVE FEAST’ PIZZA REVIEW Hi hello spicing things up with a pic of m…

VEGAN ‘FESTIVE FEAST’ PIZZA REVIEW @white_rabbit_pizza_co 🎅🏼🍕🍕🌱

Hi hello spicing things up with a pic of mEeeeE to tell you how EXCITED I was to try this new pizza as I’d seen people raving about it n here’s what I thought 🤪🤪 (also I am smiling under there)

Flavour: the base was kinda similar to a flatbread which I really like & the toppings were mixed winter vegetables and Vegan Turkey on a pumpkin purée base finished off with a dollop of juicy cranberry sauce 🍇 this made it really yummy with a certain sweetness about it (although could’ve had more cranberry sauce imo) but the toppings were really generous and you got a good amount of ‘turkey’ on each slice 🦃

Price: £5 so quite expensive but when you compare it to others, that’s the same price as a pizza express oven pizza and you get waaay more generous toppings on the white rabbit pizza plus it is much more fresh and eco friendly 🌱 I genuinely don’t think they could charge any less so it was worth the money 💰

Stockists: for this particular festive pizza, I got mine from whole foods but it is also available in @sainsburys ❣️

Verdict: 9/10 (-1 because of £££) I would 10000% get this again 🥳 it was reaaally yummy (although if you want more of a ‘pizza’ vibe perhaps go for one from their regular range!) PLUS you don’t feel bloated or horribly full at the end as it is gluten free! 🌾 also so cheesey, and melty cheese too (the best 😍) you srsly could not tell this was vegan 🌱 I would reccomend even to non veggies and vegans and I can’t wait to try the rest from their range! 💗💕💛💗❣️💚🧡

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