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VEGAN NANDOS GREAT IMITATOR WRAP REVIEW I was SO exited when I heard the news…

⭐️ VEGAN NANDOS πŸ” GREAT IMITATOR WRAP REVIEW β­οΈπŸŒ―πŸ” I was SO exited when I heard the news that @nandosuk had created a fake chicken burger/ pitta/ wrap 🌯 swipe to see my happiness πŸ€ͺ

I absolutely used to adoreeee a good nandos & legit used to say back when I ate chicken that it was the one thing I would really miss being veggie but now I don’t even have that as a problem 🀩 I used to get the burger but after reading other people’s reviews it seemed that the wrap was the best of their vegan range and OH MY GOD it was 10099x better than what I remember the OG chicken burger to be πŸ” the wrap comes with sooo much sauce and a peng chilli jam inside 🍯

🌟 the prices 🌟 (same price as the Reg chicken burger which is a big thumbs up from me as normally vegan subs are more spenny)
Β£5.90 on its own
+ a reg side Β£7.90
+ 2 reg sides Β£9.40

– for the price I’d say pretty good as it is filling and delish – I went for the spicy rice which was soooo flavourful & corn on the cob (an old time classic for me 😎)

🌯 the flavour: I’d say it doesn’t absorb flavour as well as the regular chicken was, so this actually allows you to crank up the heat a bit – I went for medium which was perfect for me πŸ‘ŒπŸ» the sauces in the wrap really add to the whole experience too (in a burger or pitta I can see it being a lil dry) πŸ”

🌯texture: yummier than chicken imo – crispy on the outside and soft on the inside, almost like a nugget 😍 I normally hate the texture of fake chicken but this one was cooked to perfectionnn

Overall: 10/10 soooo GOOD especially given I normally get freaked by fake chicken πŸ— I literally had dreams about this – the one problem is it is SO good that when I finished my wrap I wanted another 😍 I will 1000% be going back 😏 having a @nandosuk this close to my house could make for a very expensive month ahead …

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