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VEGANUARY FAKEAWAY MEALS DAY 1: ‘CHICK*N’ CHOW MEIN this dish really makes you …

VEGANUARY FAKEAWAY MEALS DAY 1: ‘CHICK*N’ CHOW MEIN 🥡🥢 this dish really makes you realise how simple it is to make your own takeaway favourite to be low cost and healthier ⭐️ I used @vegetarianbutcher ‘what the cluck’ pieces and what the CLUCK (lol I had to) they LITERALLY taste/texture/ smell exactly like chicken it is mad! But this dish was a hit & is also perfect for next day leftovers 🇨🇳


For chow mein sauce: 4tbsp hoisin sauce • 4tbsp soy sauce • 4tsp cornstarch • 3tbsp mirin • 1tsp sugar • 1tsp sesame oil •

stir fry veg: 400g white cabbage, shredded • 200g bell peppers, finely sliced • 300g beansprouts • 2 carrots, chopped into matchsticks • 150g shiitake mushrooms (or other) • 200g tenderstem broccoli •

Other: 4 garlic cloves, finely chopped • 4 noodle nests (make sure egg free) • 300g vegan chicken (I used @vegetarianbutcher) or firm tofu • 150ml veg stock •

– make your sauce: mix together the cornstarch and soy sauce till it dissolved then mix in all the other sauce ingredients, set aside (add a lil bit of water if you want more sauce or soy)
– cook your ‘chicken’ with some oil and 1tbsp of the sauce, set aside
– cook noodles according to pack
– heat up some sesame oil in a wok, fry the garlic for 10 seconds then add in all the other veg (with some soy sauce and Chinese five spice if you have) and fry till soft, then add in the noodles, cooked chicken, veg stock and stir fry sauce and mix alll together
– serve with spring onions and sesame seeds and shlurrrp away 😝

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